A Brief History of the IWSD

Sanshoudao students in 1987The International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (IWSD) is a Vancouver based non-profit organization that was founded by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang in 1987. Since then, IWSD Association has become one of the leading non-governmental martial arts organizations in China and the international community. In Canada, USA, China and around the globe it also operates under the name, International Wu Dao Federation.

IWSD has a comprehensive set of challenging rank requirements that has been well received by martial artists around the globe. In 1994, IWSD organized a North American United Martial Artists Touring Team. The team was comprised of 38 national and international martial arts champions from North America. They performed at ten major cities in China. The team’s electrifying performances were reported by a dozen Chinese national and local media which created an immediate sensation and lasting imprint all over China. IWSD’s training models began to spread across China after this landmark tour. In 2007, IWSD held its 20th anniversary celebration in Vancouver, Canada. Friends from across North America, Asia and Europe had the opportunity to get together and celebrate the occasion with a grand performance.

On Feb 17th, 2013, IWSD has successfully hosted "The Extraordinary Martial Artist of the World Lunar New Year Gala" in Vancouver, Canada. There was 60 World and international champions, all-round champions, renowned martial arts masters, and leaders of martial arts organizations from China, Singapore, USA, Europe and Canada attending this gala. There was also a great number of elite martial artist joining the event adding to a total number of approximately 140 performers. The gala event was a one-of-kind, momentous gathering of martial artists from around the world and they gave an amazing performance that absolutely dazzled and inspired the audience. While everyone is still hailing for the success of this gala, IWSD has already started its planning and preparation for the next Lunar New Year Gala which will be held in Russia! The Extraordinary Martial Artist of the World Lunar New Year Gala and related festivities such as award ceremony, knowledge exchanges, and tours around the hosting city and country will become the culture of IWSD.

IWSD is currently comprised of more than one hundred affiliate schools and training centers. Its functions also include acknowledging and honoring extraordinary martial artists of the world whom have dedicated their life to the promotion and development of the martial art culture and the promotion of international friendships through martial arts. To date, IWSD has published three monumental volumes of the Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World. These publications are authoritative large format pictorials documenting and acknowledging the exceptional accomplishments of the remarkable individuals who are included. These three volumes have received rave reviews by martial arts communities around the world. IWSD has successfully organized six International Wushu Cultural Tour and Festivals in cities across China. It has also successfully organized numerous competitions that included competitors from all over China and the international martial arts communities.