IWSD Chronology (1981-2013)

  • GM Liang arriving in the US, teaching at the University of Washington Wushu Club
  • GM Liang teaching in Vancouver at the Villa Cassey care home.
  • GM Liang was hired by the Physical Education Faculty and taught at the University of British Columbia in Canada
  • GM Liang led the first Canadian national wuhsu team as head coach, and bought a team to compete in the “First International Wushu Tournament” in China.
  • The Canadian wushu team received second (overall) place (just after China) during the “Second International Wushu Tournament”. During the press conference, GM Liang met Mr. Fu Lin Ma, the chief editor of the “Jin Wu” magazine in China.
  • Mr. Fu Lin Ma visited Canada, and discussed with GM Liang the formation of an “international wushu body”, to spread the multi-faceted art of Wushu to people outside of China. No only could wushu improve physical fitness, nurture one’s spirit, and provide performance and competition value, it also contains profound combat and training skills, in contrast to the stereotypical perception at the time that wushu is only a spectator, dance-like sport. They made the resolution to “properly install Chinese wushu” in the west.

    In order to broaden Chinese wushu, GM Liang was connecting to many high level masters from various martial systems, and discussed with them the formation of an international (martial) organization. The combat aspect of Chinese wushu is referred to as “Sanshou” or “Sanda”. The character “San” means to disassemble, spread, uninhibited, and free (whereas “shou” means hand). “San” also contains the essence of free fighting. Hence the name “Sanshou” was chosen. If the name of the organization is simply called “Sanshou Association”, then it would sound non-encompassing, without structure, and difficult to standout among the many other similar organizations.

    After extended considerations, the word “Dao” was added after “Sanshou”. “Dao” is a method, a goal, an art, and is also a path; It is a cultural and spiritual virtue. “Dao” was also a word that was accepted by popular culture in the west, stemming from popular martial arts styles at the time such as Karate (Dao), Judo from Japan, Tae Kwan Dao, Hapkido from Korea, and also Muai Thai, Japanese Shoulin Federation, and others. Before Tae Kwan Dao was inducted into the Olympic, Karate was the most influential martial arts in the world. Muai Thai is the most combative, the most furious style, but would often lead to injury of the body, hence it would be difficult to popularize.

    Chinese wushu is the oldest and most well rounded martial system, however, in terms of combat it is not as specialized as other martial arts. Some (combative) techniques in Chinese wushu were developed more than a few hundred or thousand years ago; while these techniques formed the basis of other martial art systems, they were lost or de-emphasized within Chinese wushu. In order to further develop wushu to be the best system, we need to respect and draw from the strength of other martial systems, and not be stagnated and closed.

    In December, GM Liang, together with Dr. Yuwa Wong (Grand Master of Canadian ErShi Karate), Dr. Yang Jun Ming (King of Qin Na in the US), and other grand masters from China, Canada, US, and Russia, officially founded the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (IWSD), with GM Liang as the President of the association.
  • April – May. Dr. Yuwa Wong was invited to the He Long Jiang Provincial Wushu Academy, under the invitation of the He Long Jiang provincial sports committee. Dr. Wong was the first coach to teach karate in China; he brought a team of skilled practitioners for the exchange, and also learned Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in return. During this period, Yang Wei was first introduced to the idea of Sanshou Dao, and gained the respect and trust of Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong also brought back the blue Sanshou Dao training uniform designed in He Long Jiang.
  • In March 22, the IWSD announced result of its election:
    • President: GM Shouyu Liang
    • Vice-presidents: Yuwa Wong, Ma Fu Lin, and Yang Jun Min
    • Supervisor: Al Arsenal
    • Treasury: Mark (also the Vice-Supervisor and Chairman of the Vancouver branch)
  • A letter from Ma Fu Lin noted that the China He Long Jiang Wushu Academy is willing to serve as the founding member organization for the IWSD in China.
  • The IWSD headquarter started planning the first two-year long “black- belt” training program.
  • The first grading determination: GM Liang (6th Level Black Belt), Yuwa Wong (5th Level Black Belt), Al Arsenal, Mark and others (4th Level Black Belt).
  • May 13 – the headquarter started lessons at the Vancouver Buddhist Church studio.
  • September 20 – the UBC Physical Education Faculty started the Sanshou Dao training classes.
  • November 22 – Decided on the logo of the IWSD
  • December 8 – approved the first group of black belt (6 people)
  • November 30 – the second group of black belt consisted of: first level black belt (6 people), second level black belt (6 people). A total of 12 people.
  • The HK FairChild TV recorded and televised about the IWSD
  • IWSD established branches in Alaska, Huston, California, San Francisco, Florida, and Andover in the US.
  • IWSD established branches in Bangladesh, Arabic, Poland, France, Singapore, and others.
  • December 22, the first IWSD conference began in Vancouver, discussed requirement for the Sanshou Dao black belt grading system. It was decided that GM Liang should draft a system to be discussed and approved by the committee.
  • A letter from Yang Wei from He Long Jiang in China noted the start of the first Sanshou Dao class in the Qing Gang County Sports department Wushu school.
  • More branches were formed in Canada and the US.
  • Yuwa wrote an article titling “Wushu Sanshou-Dao, the ultimate martial art”.
  • Between April and June, the 1994 North American Martial Arts Exhibition Team was formed by IWSD. During visiting 10 large cities in China, the team performed many different styles of martial arts and had many exchanges. It was the first time local Chinese saw performances of different martial arts styles, and the team received an exciting welcome by the various local government and people. The team also received an invitation from the city of Shanghai to attend the second “Opailong Cup International Wushu Expo and Competition”. The competition was attended by more than 30 countries and regions. The competition had 56 gold medals, 42 of which were won by the North American Exhibition team, along with the grand team championship title. Many TV channels were broadcasting the performance of the exhibition team.
  • The Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the Office of the US President sent their congratulatory letters to the exhibition team. The leaders of the exhibition team were all leaders of the IWSD:
    • Team Leader: GM Liang
    • Vice team leader: Yang Jwing-Ming, Pat Rice
    • Chief consultant: Wang Ju-Rong
    • US Sanda Coach: Jeff Bolt
    • Canadian Sanda Coach: Al Arsenal

    There were 38 members of the team; almost everyone were black belts.
  • He Tao was appointed to be the Chairman of the China Guangdong Sanshou Dao Branch.
  • Jie Xing-chai was appointed to be the Chairman of the China Three-Gorges Sanshou Dao Branch.
  • Cheng Ke-xin was appointed to be the Chairman of the China Ke-Xing Zhang Sanshou Dao Branch.
  • On May 1, Yang Wei sent a letter saying that the relationship with the He Long Jang Wuhsu School school president Ma Fu Lin was terminated after Ma’s departure (from the IWSD). Yang Wei drafted the report on “the Establishment of the He Long Jang IWSD branch” and sent it to the head-quarter. The following organizers were listed:
    • Chairman: Yang Wei
    • Secretary: Huang Jian Jun
    • Directors: Yu Wen Xue, Gao Feng, Zhang Xiao Zhong, Wang Yen
  • In December, the 27 yr old Yang Wei was elected to become the youngest director of the IWSD, and was granted 3rd level black belt, the highest ranking black belt outside of the founding members of the IWSD.
  • Yang Wei became the Chairman of the He Long Jiang IWSD branch. The branch headquarter was set in the Dai Shing Bao An Jie Ye High School, in a newly built building called the “He Long Jing Wu Guan”
  • Dong Xing Hui became the Chairman of the Liao Ling IWSD branch
  • Huang Jian Jun became the Chairman of the He Bei provincial IWSD branch
  • Report from He Long Jiang branch outlining the establishment of the “Chinese Sanshou Dao Association”. The He Long Jiang IWSD branch organized a series of competitions and demonstrations. Yu, Zheng Zao Yang.
  • Tong Chen was appointed to be the head of the IWSD in California
  • Due to his busy work schedule, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming resigned his responsibilities as the IWSD Vice-Chairman.
  • The IWSD appointed Wu Wen Ching as the director of the administrative office.
  • The IWSD announced a contract for “Organizing the IWSD Chinese Sanshou Dao Association”.
  • The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association formed the organizing committee, including Yang Wei as Chariman, Dong Xing Hui as Vice-Chairman, Huang Jian Jun as Secretary General.
  • The Chinese Sanshou Dao association organized the first conference in Liao Ling
  • January 1 – The organizing committee for the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association submitted a report to the IWSD, titling “About the Organization of the IWSD Chinese Sanshou Dao Association.”
  • January 13 – The organizing committee for the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association submitted an application report to the National Sports Committee Wushu Management Centre, titling “About the Organization of the IWSD Chinese Sanshou Dao Association.”
  • February 14 – Chairman of the IWSD, GM Liang, submitted a report regarding “Organizing the IWSD Chinese Sanshou Dao Association” to the “China Sports Committee National Sports Committee Wushu Management Centre Foreign department.”
  • February 25 – Chairman of the IWSD, GM Liang, issued a letter of appointment, to appoint four directors of the IWSD, including Yang Wei (He Long Jiang), Dong Xing Hui (Liao Ling), He Tao (Guang Dong), and Huang Jian Jun (He Bei), to be responsible for establishing the IWSD Chinese Sanshou Dao Association (or the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association). This is to be done in accordance to the national situation/ requirement in China. The leadership team of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association should gain the approval and support of the Chinese government, in accordance to the regional and local requirement.
  • The grading structure of the IWSD, as well as grading requirements, were basically finalized after many iterations. This is the essence of Sanshou Dao, and represents a critical difference between Sanshou Dao and other martial systems. Through the rigorous implementation of the Sanshou Dao grading system, all the members of the IWSD will become well rounded, high level martial artists.
  • The IWSD has established nearly 30 branches.
  • Wu Wen Ching’s publication company in the US, “The Way of the Dragon Publishing”, published the IWSD member handbook.
  • Vice-Chairman of the IWSD headquarter, Dr. Yuwa Wong, became the Economic Advisor of Master Card.
  • Huang Jian Jun published the IWSD related article “Letting the Chinese understand Sanshou Dao” in the “Wu Lin” magazine.
  • “The first Sanshou Dao Lai Tai Championship” was organized by the Chinese He Long Jiang Sanshou Dao, with Yang Wei as the Executive Chairman.
  • GM Liang became the coach of the Canadian National Wuhsu Team again, and led the team to attend the 5th International Wushu Tournament.
  • The Szechuan provincial university, as well as the Szechuan Yun Yang Teaching Institute, invited GM Liang, to give lectures on the development of Sanshou Dao and grading level requirement.
  • The Perm provincial Sanshou Dao Confederation in Russia was established, with Sun Xiao Dong as branch Chairman.
  • Yang Wei reported on “Regarding the establishment of IWSD branch in Vladivostok, Russia” to the headquarter.
  • Huang Jian Jun reported on “Suggestions relating to the moral development of Sanshou Dao”
  • Yang Wei published a series of articles and teaching curriculums called “Collected discussion on Sanshou Dao” on the “Bo Ji (fighting)” magazine, and organized a lecture on the “20 weeks Sanshou Dao combat training”.
  • Yang Wei submitted the report “Regarding the establishment of branches in Khabarovsk, Russia, and countries around China” to the headquarter. Countries around China include Vietnam, India, and Mongolia etc.
  • The board of directors of the IWSD passed the following motions:
    • Appointing Yang Wei as Vice-Chairman of the IWSD
    • Appointing Wu Wen Ching as Vice-Chairman of the IWSD
    • Former Vice-Chairman of the IWSD, Ma Fu Lin and Yang Jwing
  • Yang Wei to visit Russia to develop Sanshou Dao, and established the “Russian far east Sanshou Dao Confederation”.
  • GM Liang as a representative of Chinese-Canadian, was received by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Jiang Zemin, and other delegates of the government. A group photo was taken to commemorate the gathering.
  • The IWSD accepted the suggestion from Vice-Chairman Yang Wei, “Regarding the establishment of a National Sanshou Dao organization in Hong Kong”. Because of the “Falun Gong” group, the Chinese government established policies around formation of non-government organizations, where the use of words such as “international”, “China”, “Chinese”, “national” etc. are forbidden in the naming of the organization. Hence, the Chinese Sanshou Dao association started to register in Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is governed by a separate system, it provided a direct channel to the international communities headquarter, in addition to his role as director of the administration office Ming, as Honorary advisors
  • The “IWSD Russian Far East branch” was established in Vladivostok, Russia.
  • July 19-25 – The first training course for wushu sanshou dao coaches and judges took place in Vladivostok Russia.
  • July 26-28 – Yang Wei visited Vladivostok in Russia to preside over the “First Russian Sanshou Dao Competition”.
  • August – The first Asian Sanshou Dao Coaches Training Course and Grading Examination took place in Da Xing, China.
  • October – GM Liang was re-elected as the Canadian national team coach. 5 members of the IWSD were selected as members of the Canadian national Sanda team.
  • October – GM Liang was selected as a member of the 8th World Cup International Wushu Competition highest honorary board of presidents.
  • GM Liang retired from duties relating to the Canadian national wushu team.
  • Honorary Advisor of the IWSD, GM Zhao Zihong, passed away at age 98.
  • May 30 - June 5 – A Sanshou Dao Lei Tai competition took place in Vladivostok, Russia.
  • July – August – The second Asian Sanshou Dao coaches training and grading examination took place in Da Xing, China, and was attended by 50 Sanshou Dao coaches and judges from China, Russia, Japan, and Korea.
  • Vice-Chairman Yang Wei, representing the Asian Sanshou Dao Federation and associated National Sanshou Dao organizations, congratulated Chairman GM Liang on his 60th birthday.
  • Hosted by Helen Liang, taught by GM Liang, and with performances from the Vancouver Sanshou Dao branch as well as the SYL Wushu Institute, a TV educational series on Taiji, Qigong, and Wushu was broadcasted in the multicultural channel in Vancouver. It’s broadcasted daily in Canada, US, as well as Europe.
  • July – August – The third Asian Sanshou Dao coaches training and grading examination took place in Da Xing, China.
  • The Russian Ussuriysk Sanshou Dao Federation was established.
  • Director of the IWSD, Derek Cheng, was selected as the Canadian National sanshou team coach, and brought a team to attend the 7th World Wushu Competition in Macau.
  • After 20 years as professor of the wushu faculty in the University of British Columbia, GM Liang retired in 2003.
  • The technical committee of the IWSD approved the publication of “Practical Sanshou Dao Curriculum” (Chinese edition) by Yang Wei, published by the Anhui Kexue JiShu Publication.
  • The book “Wushu – Realizing Sanshou Dao”, by Yang Wei and Xin Gui Wei, was published by the Wubei Kexue Jishu Publication.
  • The 12 episodes DVD series by Yang Wei “Sanshou Dao Application Series”, the 2-part VCD “Teenage Sanshou Dao”, by Yang Yang and Yang Xaiobin, was published by the Bejing TV Artistic Recording Publication, and broadcasted by the Bejing Chinese Cultural Development Company Ltd.
  • September 5 - the Chinese Embassy in Vancouver invited GM Liang as a representative of Chinese Canadian, met with President Hu JinTao and other dignitaries of the Chinese government, and was in an official picture for the gathering.
  • September 17 – Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, invited GM Liang as a community representative to attend the welcoming lunch for President Hu and his wife. A group photo was taken with the Chinese officials.
  • August 1 to 10 – A 7 part VCD series by Yang Wei, “Learning and practicing Sanshou Dao”, was published by the Republic Sports and Media Company, and was broadcasted by the Guangzhou Chiao Jieren Cultural Development Ltd.
  • October 3 to 5 – The first Chinese National Sanshou Dao Working Conference took place in the Anhui Fuyang Shifan Institute.
  • December 11 – Chinese Sanshou Dao Association was registered in Hong Kong, and a new conference was held in Chongqing, with the President of the IWSD, GM Liang, in attendance. GM Liang commemorated the occasion with a calligraphy writing.
  • December 19 (1 am) – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD, Professor Wang Shutien, passed away in Chengdu, at age 87.
  • December 25 – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD, Professor Wang Jurong, passed away in Huston, USA, at age 77.
  • The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association proposed new designs for Sanshou Dao uniforms, in order to unifying among different designs.
  • Recordings from all the major activities of the IWSD (since its inception) were made into VCDs by the World Cultural Development Company Ltd.
  • The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association signed a long term partnership agreement with the Russian Far East local sport ministry, and sent Yu Wenxue and Sun Xiaodong to Russia to work.
  • Core leaders of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Yang Wei, Huang Jianjun, Zhang Xiaozhong, Yan Xinhui, Pan Ruexing etc. actively promoted Sanshou Dao, leading to the addition of a few 10’s of martial art studios and clubs. Four different universities adopted Sanshou Dao as a course subject. Resident coaches were recruited for the development of Sanshou Dao in Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, as well as neighbouring countries. • November 21 – the Putien City Sanshou Dao training center was founded in the Fujian province.
  • December 12 – The Chinese Chongqing morning post reported on “Sword conference in Shancheng with Sanshou Dao experts from the world”.
  • Tony Chen from California USA was selected as Vice-president of the IWSD, responsible for fighting competitions outside of China.
  • Director of the IWSD, Ayron Gordon Howey, was re-elected in to the Canadian National Sanshou team, after winning championships in Canada and USA.
  • IWSD Vice-president and Administrator of the Executive Office, Wu Wenching’s wushu school, The Way of the Dragon (Rhode Island branch), had won 120 gold medals in local and US national level competitions for the past two years.
  • IWSD branch in Fremont, northern California, USA, and the USA Wuji Kungfu Academy and IWSD director He Tao and assistant Zhang Yuping (former Xanxi provincial team coach) formed a team to attend competitions across different martial arts, and won 90 gold, 59 silver, 55 bronze, heavy weight fighting champions 3 time, and multiple champions in the 165 lb weight class.
  • Director of the IWSD, Artinfo, along with his students, won more than 60 gold medals in national level forms and fighting tournaments in European and USA. Among the 60 medals Artinfo had won more 36 of them.
  • In the beginning of January, a working conference of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association took place in the Anhui Fuyang Shifan Institute.
  • February 26 – Chen Jinlin, an official from the Hong Kong Chunwan municipality, met with the administrator of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Pan Ruixing. The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association appointed Shi Mengqing as a special envoy, to establish the Hong Kong Sanshou Dao branch, to promote wushu sanshou dao in Hong Kong.
  • The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association promotional training course took place in the Anhui Fuyang Shifan Institute.
  • Chinese Sanshou Dao grading award ceremony and the first national sanshou dao performance took place in Anhui.
  • March 8 – The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association donated $5000 respectively to the Fujian Southern Shaolin Temple, and the Southern Shaolin Wushu Research Institute.
  • May to September – Delegates of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, including Chairman Yan Wei, Administrator Pan Ruixing, Vice-chairman Yu Wenxue, Director Shi Mengching, Zhang Xiaozhong, Yan Xinhui etc. visited Shanghai, Huadong, Pingshang, Jiejiang Jinhua, Fuyang, Russia, He Long Jiang, Hong Kong, Fujian, Sandong etc., to promote sanshou dao.
  • Beginning of October – the 3 part VCD series “A fundamental course on Sanshou Dao”, by Yang Wei, was published by the Henan Electronic Media Publishing Company.
  • October 21 – 24 – The GM Liang led a team of North American IWSD representatives from to tour the Jiuzhaigou Valley.
  • October 24 – Chairman of the IWSD, GM Liang, Vice-Chairman Wu Wenching, Tony Chen, Director He Tao, Helen Liang, Yang Chenhan, Fu Xueli, Peng Wen, Narcyz, Advisor Chen Jian, Coach Spenler, and others (more than 20 people), met with officials of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association including Chairman Yang Wei and 40 others.
  • October 25 – the first “IWSD Conference” took place in Chengdu. Besides the 20+ people from the US and Canada, Honorary Advisor Professor Xi Yuntai, Professor Zhou Defa, Master Wu Xinliang etc. were also in attendance. The conference was hosted by Huang Jianjun; Vice-Chairman Yang Wei gave an welcoming speech. Chairman GM Liang, Vice-Chairman Wu Wenching represented the headquarter. Other speeches regarding development experience and future directions in various countries were also given by Tony Chen (representing the US), Yang Chenhan (representing Canada), and Yang Wei (representing China). Professor Xi Yuntai and Professor Zhou Defa then led the group for a tour of Chengdu sports institute, and took a group photo in front of the statue of GM Zheng Huaixian.
  • October 25 evening – The 2006 IWSD Master Performances and International Martial Artists Hall of Fame Demonstration took place in the Chengdu Chinese Medical University, and was attended by President of the Szechuan Wushu Academy Liu Taifu, Vice-president and head coach Ren Gang, Provincial team coach Shung Changgui, Chengdu Sports University Wushu director Liu Taifu and Szechuan Chinese Medical University Sports department head Wu Jiangwei, and others. Performance lasted nearly three hours, and was accompanied by a full house of excited audiences, who were very passionate about sanshou dao and the skills of the different masters.
  • Morning of October 26 – President of the Szechuan Leshan Wushu Association, Wang Fangxin, invited all the masters of the IWSD to a conference and performance in front of the Leshan Buddha statue, and was welcome by the local martial artists.
  • Morning of October 26 – GM Liang, Tony Chen, Helen Liang, Chen Jian, Yang Chenhan and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Wu Xingliang, represented IWSD to attend “the 1st Wushu Cultural international conference”, along with director of the Szechuan Provincial Wushu Management Centre Liu Taifu, Vice-president of the Szechuan Wushu Association Chiao Jiaje, Fu Xiangfen, and head coach Ren Gang. They visited the Emei Wushu Institute in the afternoon.
  • Afternoon of October 26 – Yang yang had her disciple ceremony at the Leshan Giant Buddha and became Helen Liang’s disciple.
  • October 27 – The North American Sanshou Dao Team, under the invitation of the Chongching Wushu Association and Chongching Wushu team, attended the “2006 North American – Chongching wushu conference and demonstration”. Under the leadership of the Chongching Wushu Management Centre Director Chen Ling, and famous martial artists from Chongching including Wang Youfu, Fu Dachuan, Chen Jenan, Chiao Chendong, Feng Shujun and leaders of the Chongqing sports community, the team visited the Longevity Lake, and visited the two most well organized wushu school in Chongqing in the evening.
  • Vice-chairman of the IWSD (fighting tournament division) Tony Chen sent a report regarding “US California Sanshou Dao competition highlights”. The California Sanshou Dao received its sixth consecutive Grand championship (in forms) in the US West Coast Wushu Competition. Multiple athletes were selected to become the US national team every time, and achieved first three placement in international tournaments.
  • 2001 – 2006 – more than 10 gold medals, including 4 “golden belt” championships, were won by members of the IWSD in various fighting, sanshou, combat, Muai Thai, and MMA competitions.
  • Director of the IWSD and Founder of the Canadian Wuji Xiaoyao Kungfu Academy, Ayron Howey, received championship of the US no-weight-class mixed martial arts competition.
  • April 5 – the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association donated 5000 RMB to the Sanxi Yongji Cultural Heritage Research Association.
  • April 16 – The Russian Vladivostok Shoulin Wushu Sanshou Dao Kungfu Institute was formed.
  • May 1 – The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association conducted a Water Style Workshop in the Anhui Fuyang University.
  • May 3 – The national wushu Sandhou Dao coaches and judges training course took place in the Fuyang University. GM Zhou Shusheng from Singapore gave the lectures, and was invited to become an Honorary Advisor of the IWSD.
  • May 20 – 20th Year Anniversary of the IWSD and the Shou Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qugong Institute took place in Vancouver. The Prime Minister of Canada, Counsel General of China in Vancouver, BC Premier, Premier of Rhode Island form the US, Mayor of Vancouver, and numerous government officials, city councillors, TV stations, and martial arts clubs across the world all sent their congratulatory letters for the occasion.
  • Guests in attendance included people from various circles, including political, business, education, arts and culture, sports, government officials, consulates from foreign countries in Vancouver, community leaders, media including newspaper, magazines, directors of TV stations, film directors, editors, journalists and others.
  • More than 70 representatives from various wushu associations of different styles, head masters, and other Sanshou Dao masters from around the world participated in the celebration. More than 100 people attended the ceremony, from across Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, and others.
  • Representative from the Chinese Counsel in Vancouver Xue Yafei attended, and gave a warm heartfelt speech. Cultural consulate Miss Zhang Liwei and Mr. Yan Bin congratulated the event on behalf of the Counsel General.
  • The sanshou dao elites performed for nearly 2 hours, and guests all thought that the performance was among the most well-rounded and highest quality internationally.
  • July 10 – 30 – A 10 people performing team from the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association went to Russia for exchange and performance of wushu sanshou dao. Song Weidong had a decisive victory over the challenge of Russian Sanshou athlete.
  • The Sandong Kunglin Quan association became a member of the IWSD.
  • The first IWSD tourism and cultural festival and Sanxi Yongji international wushu exchange conference took place. Fuyang University sports faculty sanda coach Zhang Xingjen won the Golden Belt Champion. The second World Renown Martial Artists performance and award ceremony took place in Sanxi Yongji. The second international wushu thesis report took place in Yongji Sanxi; GM Liang was elected as ambassador. Liaoling Wudang Internal Style Association, and the Sanxi Yongji cultural heritage association became members of the IWSD.
  • September 19 – The IWSD held the “The Five Sages Peak Wushu Grand Masters Demonstration” at the Five Sages Mountain.
  • September 22 – the Canadian sanshou Dao Association and the SYL Wushu Institute participated in the filming of the “Hand in hand – cerebration for the Olympic” variety show, a collaborated program between the CCTV and CNN.
  • November – Director and Secretary General of the IWSD, Yang Chenhan, won 4 gold, 1 silver, and Grand Championship at the 11th World Cup Wushu Tournament.
  • December – Secretary General of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Huang Jianjun, published the article on “Raising the sun of wushu in Olympic – notes on the founder of the IWSD professor GM Liang Shouyu” in the magazine “Shoulin and Taiji.”
  • Beginning of January – GM Liang, Helen Liang, He Tao, Chen Jian, He Tianqi etc. represented the IWSD to attend the “2008 World Championship Muay Thai” in Las Vegas. The competitor from Sanshou Dao association, “Tornado” Kang En, defeated the former Muay Thai world champion Kong Nada and won the golden belt championship. “Tiger” Xu Yan was defeated due to sickness.
  • January 13 – 14 – The IWSD director conference (for US and Canada) took place in the US. It was decided that the “IWSD Professional Fighting Association” was to be formed, with Tony Chen as the president, Chu Guojun as the executive president, and Zhang Yuren as the secretary general.
  • Middle of January – “The Encyclopaedia of Famous Chinese Martial Artist and Schools” was published by Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association and Beijing People’s University professor - Wu Shijun
  • February 1 – The International Wushu Sanshoudao Association (IWSD) was abbreviated to the International Wudao Association.
  • Beginning of February – GM Liang wrote a preface to the book “Collected Wushu Articles of Xi Yuntai”.
  • March 25 (3:20 am) – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD, GM Yang Naiwen, passed away due to sickness at home in Qing Gang, He Long Jian, at age 72.
  • April 6 – The Strategic Development Conference, the 2nd IWSD Tourism and Cultural Festival and judges training course took place at the Fuyang University, and was chaired by the Secretary General of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Huang Jianjun. Vice-Chairman of the IWSD and Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Dr. Yang Wei, Advisor of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Associaiton and department head of the Fuyang University sports department, Professor Lu Xinying, Honorary Advisor of the IWSD, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, and representative of the Emei school Master Wu Xinliang, Honorary Advisor, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Associaiton, and the 2nd generation Head Master of the Xiang style Xingyi Quan, Master Li Hong, Advisor of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, and representative of Chen Style taiji quan, Master Zhang Jijun, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association and Beijing People’s University professor, Wu Shijun, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association and Tianjin Sports Academy assistant professor of wushu, Dr. Yang Shangchuan etc. gave an important and constructive speech.
  • April 6 – the Chinese National Traditional Cultural Physical Education Conference took place in the Fuyang University, and was chaired by Advisor of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association and department head of the Fuyang University sports department, Professor Lu Xinying. Assistant professor of the Tianjin Sports Academy and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, Yang Shangchuan, gave a speech. Respective leaders and experts of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, including Yang Wei, Wu Xinliang, Zhang Jijun, Huang Jianjun, Liao Jianguo, Mei Changjiang, Jin Xinluo and others provided their unique perspectives and long term development plans.
  • May 1 – Vice Chairman of the IWSD Yang Wei (8th level black belt), Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Wu Shijun (8th level black belt), Director of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Song Weidong (8th level black belt), Yang Wei (6th level black belt), and Zhu Changhong (6th level black belt) etc. formed an expert commentary panel for the “first Liang mountain National Championship”.
  • May 24 – The IWSD conducted charitable performances in US, Canada, and China for victims of the Szechuan earthquake, and raised a total of 1.2 million RMB; the CCTV gave a special coverage.
  • July 13 – GM Liang wrote a preface for the book “Zhao Bao Taiji Quan”, published in both English and Chinese, by (US) director of the IWSD, Peng Wen.
  • July 26 – Tu Shengcheng, from the US Wuji Kungfu Academy, and a disciple of Vice Chairman of the IWSD, He Tao, was appointed to be a direct disciple of an internal star.
  • August – The album “Marching with the 2008 Olympic – world renown martial artists” (1st publishing company.
  • Beginning of September – Sanshou Dao (IWSD) was adopted into the “2007 Chinese national sports chronicle” by the Chinese National Sports Ministry.
  • September 22 – 24 – IWSD representative team from the US and Canada toured the Yellow and Jiuhua Mountain, and took part in a special performance.
  • September 29 – the 2nd IWSD Tourism and Cultural Festival and the Anhui Fuyang International Wushu Exchange Conference started. Zhang Hu from the Anhui Fuyang Sports Academy won the golden belt champion. Li Zhonggui was the promotional ambassador.
  • September 30 – the 3rd International Renown Martial Artists Performance and award ceremony took place in Anhui Fuyang.
  • Middle of October – CCTV 10 conducted an interview with IWSD Chairman GM Liang and his daughter Helen Liang, titling “Martial Connection”.
  • November 18 – Dr. Yang Wei was invited by the Malaysian TV to give and introduction of Sanshou Dao to the people in Philippine.
  • January 1 – 3 – The third General Conference of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association took place at the Anhui Fuyang Golden Ox Hotel.
  • February – The Germany branch of the IWSD was formed, named “Germany Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.” Li Yuhua was the first Chairman.
  • End of April – The Chinese Sanshou Dao Association donated $5000 to the Sanxi Yongji Cultural Heritage Research Association.
  • May 20 – The IWSD Competition Committee approved the publication of the book “Summary of IWSD Competition Rules and Regulations”, by Yang Wei; published by the World Cultural Exchange Publication.
  • May 27 – 31 – The Chinese Hunan Sanshou Dao coaches and judges training course and grading examination took place at the Hunan People Technical Institute, chaired by Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Yang Junjun. Hunan People Technical Institute’s sorts department department head professor Peng Jianmin delivered the welcoming speech, followed by a speech from the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Vice-Chairman, Dr. Yang Wei. VIP who attended the meetings included Honorary Advisor of the IWSD Wu Xinliang, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Professor Liu Yong, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Wang Fongxing, Pan Ruixing, Shi Mengchin, and You Juanxue.
  • Over 100 people attended this activity, from Hunan, Fujian, Anhui, Sandong, Yunnan, Guangxi, Szechuan, Hong Kong, Guizhou etc. After the three days of both theoretical and practical training, 32 people received the provincial coaching certificate, 23 people received the national coaching certificate, 8 people received the international 3-star level coaching certificate, 6 people received the provincial judging certificate, edition) was published by the World Exchange Culture 24 people received the international judging certificate, 10 people received the international 3-star level certificate, 1 person received the international 2nd level judging certificate. During the grading examination performance competition, 9 people received the 1st received the 2nd level award, and 11 people received the 3rd level award.
  • End of May – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD Ken Low organized the grand performance of the “30th year anniversary of the Can-Am competition” in Vancouver Canada.
  • June 22 – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD Li Mingzi, Vice-Chairman of the IWSD He Tao, and famous doctor Wang Yangfu formed the Confederation of US Artists, and organized promotional activities for Jackie Chan’s new song “Nation” in the US. Jackie Chan gave He Tao his calligraphy work “non-ceasing self empowerment”. He Tao published a related article in the World Daily.
  • End of June – GM Liang, Helen Liang, He Tao, Peng Wen, Zhou Yunjian and “father of modern wushu” Hu Bin along with his students attended a competition by the US Tiger Claw Kungfu Magazine and Karate Association. GM Liang performed Xiao Yao Quan, Helen Liang performed Water Style.
  • The take down, qin na (grappling), kicking, punching, pressure point hitting, and ground control form and techniques from GM Liang’s “Wuji Xiao Yao Pai” were included as reference teaching material for Sanshou Dao black belts.
  • Black belt instructors of the IWSD Helen Liang, Chenhan Yang, Derek Cheng, Mo Hui, and Tjong Tjhie participated in the televised performance “Martial elites gathering in Vancouver”.
  • July 5 – Aug 15 – Vice-Chairman of the IWSD Dr. Yang Wei visited the Philippines for an exchange in wushu Sanshou Dao.
  • July 19 (11:27 am) – Honorary Advisor of the IWSD Ma Lei passed away in Beijing, at age 50.
  • Beginning of August – Yang Wei was on the cover of the “Combat” magazine.
  • End of August – The book “Collected Wushu Articles of Xi Yuntai” (by Xi Yuntai”, and “Grading and Teaching Curriculum of Sanshou Dao” (by Yang Wei – both DVD and book) were published by the World Cultural Exchange Publications.
  • Beginning of September – The book “The 30 Postures of Water Style”, and “The 30 Postures of Water Style Sword”, by Zhou Shushen and Yang Wei, were published by the Szechuan Keshe Jishu Publications.
  • September 3 – Under the introduction of Peng Wen, 13 Shoulin Masters and their schools from the US joined IWSD. They are: Zhang Benxue, Li Mu, Wang Chuan, Zhao Yongjun, Liu Huiju, Zheng Shouli, Jiang Yuzhen, Ye Xingli, Zhou Bor, Chen Jisheng, Guan Baojun, Ge Fanglin, and Zheng Fuling.
  • September 2 – The Singapore Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (first and second branch) were formed.
  • September 25 – 27 – Chinese Szechuan Wushu Sanshou Dao coaches and judges training course, as well as grading examination, took place at the Chengdu Chengbor Wushu Academy. The IWSD Szechuan training base was established.
  • October 2 – 5 – Chinese Hainan Wushu Sanshou Dao coaches and judges training course, as well as grading examination, took place at the Haikou city International Exhibition Centre.
  • October 20 – The photo album “Celebrating the 60th year anniversary of China – World Renown Martial Artists” (second edition), was published by the World Cultural Exchange Publications.
  • October 24 – 29 – the “10th International Wushu Competition” took place in Toronto, Canada. GM Liang and Helen Liang were invited to attend as “Honorary Guests” (since 2001, GM Liang has retired from coaching and leading the national team). A few other directors of IWSD were also invited to attend. GM Liang was invited to hand out awards, and Helen Liang and Wang Heng represented Canada and gave spectacular performances respectively. Helen Liang received the “10th International Wushu Competition contribution award” by the Canadian government.
  • November 20 – 26 – The 3rd IWSD tourism and cultural festival took place in Haikou, China. Major activities for this year include: 2009 China (Haikou) International Wushu Exchange Conference, 2009 China (Haikou) 2nd IWSD Conference, 2009 China (Haikou) International Wushu Thesis Presentation, 2009 China (Haikou) World Renown Martial Artists Performance and Award Presentation, and the 2009 China (Haikou) International Health Maintenance 3 days tour. All activities took place in the Haikou International Exhibition Centre, with GM Liang was the promotional ambassador.
  • December – The Hainan Sanye Wushu Association became a member of the IWSD.
  • February 7 – Twenty-three different US Shaolin Masters and their respective schools applied to join the IWSD: Xu Dezheng, Huang Yin, Sheng Wei Cheng, Xia Xigang, Hai Yang Zhang, Chen Fei, Bo Hou, Zhen Chen, Nan Son, Wei Liu, Ming Ming Wu, Li Guiwu, Guo Min gSun, Chuan Zhe Guo, Qing Chen Xu, Zhou Chuan Wang, Zhi Qiang Si, Chang Xiao Lu, Wenwen Xu, Ying Liu, Shulun Liu, Xiao Liang Zhan, Xia Wang. (Note: some Shaolin masters did not use Chinese name).
  • To this date, the IWSD has gathered many masters and students from various styles such as Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Hua San, and Kunlun etc. Based on the depth of Chinese martial arts, to learn and integrate various marital styles around the work is the developmental path of Sanshou Dao.
  • April 22 – Approved by the Fuyang city Sports Council (2010-5 document), the “Fuyang Sanshou Dao Association”, prepared by the Fuyang citizen council, was formally established. Yang Wei was the first Chairman, and Zhang Yuliang was the Secretary General.
  • April 24 – 25 – Organized by the Chinese Sanshou Dao Association and Fuyang Sports Council, and hosted by the Fuyang Sanshou Dao Association and Fuyang Sports Institute, the “First Fuyang Wushu Cultural Festival” took place, which spanned 26 days, with 65 teams, 742 athletes attending. Including guests, judges, and volunteers there were over 1000 people involved. Yang Wei was the promotional ambassador.
  • June 10 – The Federation of US IWSD (Shaolin style) was formed in San Francisco US. Master Ye Xinglie was appointed as the IWSD Vice Secretary General, and Master Peng Wen was appointed as the Chairman of the taiji association.
  • June 11 – GM Liang, Helen Liang, Chenhan Yang, He Tao etc. met and acquainted the youngest vice-chairman of a national wushu association in China, Chairman of the board of directors of the Global Kungfu Internet, martial artist, community activist, calligrapher and poet Fu Biao. Mr. Fu invited GM Liang, He Tao etc. to become committee members of the Global Kungfu Internet experts panel.
  • Middle of October – A representative team of the Canadian Sanshou Dao visited the Beijing Shaolin Wushu School. The Shaolin School performed Shaolin wushu for the Canadian guests, and the Canadian representatives presented a trophy to the Shaolin school in return.
  • End of October - The Canadian Sanshou Dao team visited the Sandong Laizhou Zhonghua Wushu School, school president Li Mingzhi and his wife gave an exciting welcome to the Canadian guest with fire crackers and exciting performances, and expressed the highest gratitude toward the visiting guest. Exchanges of banners and trophies took place; President Li gave a warm welcoming speech, and GM Liang gave an introduction of wushu development in the west and expressed thankfulness on behalf of IWSD.
  • End of October – the Canadian Sanshou Dao team visited Mountain Tai, Confucius temple, Peng Lai island, Lao Mountain, fully immersed in the Daoist culture of China.
  • November 5 – Organized by the IWSD with the assistant of the World Cultural Science Research Institute, Chinese Sanshou Dao Association, and the Wudang Mountain Wushu Ministry, the “2010 Wudang Mountain International Martial Art and Health Conference” took place a the Wudang Mountain. This was a milestone improvement of the Sanshou Dao Tourism and cultural festivals. During the conference, GM Xi Yuntai, Zhou Shusheng, and Liang Shouyu were awarded the “World Wushu Lifetime achievement award.” Li Zhonggui was the promotional ambassador.
  • December 3 – The 4th Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Representative Conference took place at the Anhui Fuyang Wenfeng Hotel. The Hei Longjiang Wuchang Wushu Association, Liaoning Zhaoyang Wudao Federation, Anhui Wuwei Sinyi Liuhe Quan Association, and the Henan Nanyang Youtien Wudao School became member of the IWSD.
  • January – The Fujian Fuqing Southern Shaolin Wushu Association became a member of the IWSD.
  • February – The Jiejiang branch of the IWSD was given a permit.
  • March – Yang Wei organized a Water Style bare hands and weapons training course in the Zhaoyang city of Liaoning. The Liaoning Zhaoyang Water Style Association was formed. Yu Chengyun was the first president. Chongching Kuizhou Wushu School became a member.
  • April – The national sports ministry wushu sports management centre administrator Ren Xiaojun met with Yang Wei, and hired Yang Wei as a Global Kungfu Internet Expert Panel committee member.
  • June – Yang Wei was on the cover of the “Combat” magazine for the second time, for the special edition on Water Style.
  • During the International wushu and Karate competition, organized by the Kungfu Magazine (in San Francisco) and US Karate Association, GM Liang received the “lifetime achievement award”.
  • July – The 5th IWSD Tourism culture festival and 2011 Hua Mountain International Wulin Comference took place at the touristic spot of the Hua Mountain. Zhang Hongmou was the promotional ambassador. GM Xi Yuntai was award the “World Wulin Grand Master Award”. Yang Wei became Xi Yuntai’s disciple; GM Xi also accepted the “Hua Mountain 19 elites” as disciples.
  • August – The Jiangsu Junan Jingwu Taiji Mulan Association became a member of the IWSD.
  • September – The 4th International Health Qigong Exchange Conference took place in Vancouver Canada. Vice-Chairman of the Chinese National Sports Confederation and Assistant Minister of the Chinese National Sports Ministry, Ms. Xiao Min, President of the Chinese Health Qigong Association, Mr. Qi Yunxi, were present. Counsel General of China, Mr. Liang Sugen wrote a message for the book “Martial Connection”.
  • October – Former Vice-Principal of the Chinese Wushu Academy Mr. Zhang Shan wrote a message for the book “Martial Connection”. Yang Wei attended a conference on Xian Style Xingyi Quan in Chengdu, went to the Emei Mountain to approve the establishment of the “IWSD Emei Seven- miles wushu health maintenance training camp”, and met with Jiang Jicheng at the Shaolin Temple.
  • November – Yang Wei attended “the first national non-tangible cultural heritage academic conference” in Jiaojor, Henan. The 2011 Chinese Sanshou Dao Association Year End Award Ceremony and Conference took place in the Emei Emei Seven-miles wushu health maintenance training camp. The Hubei Xiangfan Wudang Xuanmen Taiji Association, the IWSD Hubei Xiangfan branch, and the IWSD Hebei branch became member of the IWSD.
  • December – Yang Wei organized the Christmas Wushu Sanshou Dao Demonstration in the Philippine Shifan and Technical University, and attended the Year End Wushu Sanshou Dao performance in the Philippine Consulate.
  • April – the 6th IWSD tourism and cultural festival took place in Yuqi, Yunnan.
  • The Xiang Style Xingyi Quan Chinese and International Federation was form.
  • Hired Zhang Shan as Honorary Chairman of the IWSD. The 3 current Honorary Chairmen of the IWSD include: Zhang Shan, Xi Yuntai, and Zhou Shushen.
  • GM Liang, Zhang Shan, Cheng Chang, Xi Yuntai, Zhang Hongmou, Zhou Shushen, Men Huifeng, Yan Guaixiang were awarded the “Wulin Pillars” award.
  • GM Liang accepted 8 disciples in the “Colourful Yunnan”
  • February 17 – “The First World Renowned Martial Artists Chinese New Year Celebration and Performance” took place at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, Vancouver, BC, Canada. More than 60 famous martial artists and 80+ martial elites from America, Asia, and Europe attended the performance. The IWSD awarded 109 medals to the various masters, and published the “2013 World Renowned Martial Artists Chinese New Year Celebration” almanac.